Coventry & Warwickshire 
Tang Soo Do Association



It was an advert in a local paper that brought my interest into the World Tang Soo Do Association. My daughter started training in 2002 and like so many other parents I decided to join in as well after watching from the sidelines.   After much cajoling from the club instructor, (the late) Mr Michael Hunt, I started training in 2003 and received my Black Belt 1st Dan in 2007.

My contribution to the association has been to take on the secretarial role for the Warwick District club and subsequently I am now the Instructor for the Kenilworth club.  In addition to this I have helped in many fundraising events for our region.  Over the years I have entered numerous Regional, National and European championships and have gained many awards and trophies.







For future students:

Believe in yourself and you will succeed.  I obtained my 1st Dan black belt at the age of 47, my 2nd Dan aged 53 and my 3rd Dan aged 58!


Class Timetable:

Monday and Tuesday

Combined Class 6pm-7pm

Combined Class 7pm - 8:30pm

Upper School Gym, Kenilworth School,Leyes Lane, Kenilworth, CV8 2DA