Coventry & Warwickshire 
Tang Soo Do Association

Master Bratchie

Founder of C&W TSD – Retired

Master John Bratchie


My reasons for starting Tang Soo Do were as most people do, through word of mouth. Why I stayed with this organisation is because of the scope of the organisation as it is worldwide with many thousands of students and still growing. In addition, the senior instructors that teach in the organisation are still amazing martial artists and great pioneers for example Grandmaster J C Shin.

In 1988 I took over the Coventry Tang Soo Do club at Cho Dan Bo (Black Belt Candidate) level I continued to teach the classes and built up the club from just 4 members to a height at which at various times was 80 strong.  In 1989, I received my Black Belt 1st Dan. I gained my 2nd Dan in 1992 and 3rd Dan in 1996 with finally Masters Rank in Oct 2010.

Gaining my masters rank is one the biggest achievements in my life internally and externally to Tang Soo Do.

My key achievements have been numerous. I have achieved many results in championships in regional and national tournaments throughout the years.  In addition, in 1990 I had the honour of being awarded a plaque for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ from Grandmaster Shin for all the efforts I have put into the organisation of all clubs in the area.

Since 1988, my career in Tang Soo Do has been largely orientated around teaching. I strongly believe that once a martial artist has taken the position of an instructor, just as much as a student owes the instructor respect, the instructor also owes a responsibility for the student.

In the early 1990’s martial arts in Coventry was considerably unsaturated whereas today there are many organisations in most areas of City. In addition, students lifestyles change, many younger students travel to university and so choose to place their training on hold, while others believe Tang Soo Do may not be for them, there are many reasons why students leave their training however, TSD will always have their doors open to new and old students! Over the years my ‘black belt count’ has grown and stands today at approximately 170 1st Dan’s, 13 2nd Dan’s and one 3rd Dan. I am truly privileged to be able to have taught such a vast amount of black belts. In addition, the scope of the clubs in the region has also expanded to now seven clubs and is still growing.

Tang Soo Do has also opened many doors through teaching. Firstly, I have first-hand experience with training students from a disability school with disabilities of a vast range. A personal triumph was teaching a class of
11-14 yr olds who were blind, one of the students subsequently entered a tournament and won 2nd place in sparring.  Further, I have also trained the TA at a local base which I enjoyed very much. Finally, I have also conducted a ladies only class where there were many victims of rape and/or emotional/physical abuse.

My teaching style is termed as ‘old school’ I strongly believe in a disciplined class which of course is a key ingredient to any martial art.  My ideology of teaching, especially young people is that it gets them off the streets. In a world today where there is much violence and disrespect to have younger students in a disciplined environment is extremely good for attitude changes. This is why I continue to teach at a local school in an after school club on Tuesdays which has been going for over 16 years.

For future students:

My message is to come and try a cost effective family organisation of 180,000+ members. Generally have a goal for which you want to complete, however, do not stop until you have reached this goal, don’t waste your time and effort!